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Sand Castle

Sand Castle is a collaborative storytelling game of building and learning about a castle that will soon fall to ruin. It tells of a make believe fortress, informed by the whimsy of playing pretend over the cold harsh reality. 

It is inspired by the games Carcassonne and For the Queen. 

Built for 2 to 6 players over an hour or more. Uses a custom 154 card deck. Played by placing the cards in a grid, or drawing a map based on them (or by jotting loose notes down in a google doc or some such).

This is a chilled out game of building a structure piece by piece and describing as you go.


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Sand Castles does an incredible amount with how small it is! All you do to create a place, whatever you "castle" may be, draw cards, place them down and answer the questions. And the questions are as simple as "what's beautiful here?" but it goes so far. I love that places, like Kitchen, show up several times with different questions, or even more broad places + questions can be placed around multiple times. And you start to create a vague layout by placing cards down, it's not a perfect map but it's exactly what you need.

Really beautiful, and will definitely go back to it when I need to create a "building" with others. Take your map/city-making games (like Street Magic or Beak, Feather, and Bone) and zoom into one location with Sand Castles. Brilliant!